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    Larry K. Hercules is a former IRS Tax Litigation Attorney, who tried cases for the IRS for more than 8 years. He knows how to fight the IRS!
    Tax law is complicated, and there's nothing worse than seeing it wielded against you when you owe money to the IRS. It doesn't matter what your situation is—you deserve to have your rights represented.
    Fight tax garnishments, liens, seizures of assets and more with a tax attorney who is always there for you. Larry K. Hercules is the tax defense attorney you can count on.
    For more information on everything I can do for you, contact me today.
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Tax business
IRS Negotiations

When you or your company can’t pay the taxes that are owed, you’re going to need a tax litigation attorney to help you. While most tax cases are settled, the advantage of having an experienced tax litigator for you and against the IRS is helpful in reaching a settlement.

Tax liens
Tax Liens

A tax lien is a lien imposed on your property to secure a payment of delinquent taxes. As an experienced tax attorney, Larry K. Hercules may be able to remove or lessen the lien, making the repayment process easier on you.

Tax Fraud Investigations

Tax fraud investigations commissioned by the IRS are a normal part of enforcing tax laws in Texas and beyond. They may cause a major disruption in your life. Don’t be overwhelmed by the IRS. Look into reasonable options for audit defense if you are being audited. You have rights. Make sure they are properly represented.

Emergency Tax Services

If your life is being upended with a legal tax issue, call me immediately for emergency tax services you can count on. I can argue for a variety of services, including innocent spouse, offers-in-compromise, reduced installment payments and suspending payments due to financial hardship, etc.

Larry K. Hercules

About Larry K. Hercules

When you need a reliable tax attorney to fight the IRS, there is no better individual to call than Larry K. Hercules.

Mr. Hercules has an accounting degree, a Masters of Tax Law degree (LLM) and a Juris Doctor degree (JD).

His extensive background, expertise, and ongoing knowledge of tax law is invaluable to all he represents. Whatever situation you might face, whether it be an audit, a seizure of assets, a tax lien, etc., he will have a defense and a plan.

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